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Power of the Pause Retreat

Miami, Florida

jan 18-20, 2019 / Mar 15-17, 2019 / Oct 11-13, 2019

Experience the power of taking a pause from your daily life. Envision having a custom, life changing experience to decompress, reboot and discover the best version of yourself. Are you ready to relax, refresh and rediscover your mojo? Are you aware of your own awesomeness and limitless possibilities? Come and experience the Power of the Pause Retreat because you deserve it.

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Smoky Mountain Detox Retreat

KNOXVILLE, tennessee

May 10-13, 2019

Imagine going to a place where you can be still, imagine being in harmony a place where you are at peace with nature, a luxurious cabin in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee where everything is taken care of for you.  Where you can align and recharge your body, mind and spirit. Explore your dreams, remove your obstacles, and create an action plan to live the life you’ve always wanted. On your own terms. Reimagine, rejoice, recharge and reconnect.

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Rebuild Puerto Rico Retreat

Puerto Rico

Aug 29- sept 3, 2019

Start your journey by experiencing Puerto Rico’s natural wonders, joyful people and delicious food.  Mix fun and giving back by joining a team of like minded volunteers at a local, sustainable, community project.  Have fun adventures on excursions and be a part of Rebuilding Puerto Rico.

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Girls Makeover Getaway Retreat

Colombia, South America

July 12-15, 2019

Call up your girlfriends and pack your bags.  Tap into Sexy Latina secrets in Colombia.  Experience a full makeover including: head to toe luxury spa services, pampering secrets, image consulting and salsa dancing.  Embark on a journey with close friends for a powerful bonding experience and a Goddess transformation.

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Explore Colombia

caribbean coast, south america

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Create Your Own Retreat

Anywhere in the world

date - when you're ready

Are you a creative spirit, writer, artist, photographer, business guru, fitness expert, DIY extraordinaire, social entrepreneur?  Do you have talents and skills you have always wanted to share? Have you dreamed of your own retreat, anywhere in the world? Let Elixir help you craft a successful retreat where you get to share your experience and powerful purpose.

nov 8-13, 2019

Experience the magical realism of Colombia’s caribbean coast, where snow capped mountains melt into waterfalls and rivers through the rainforest as they become one with the ocean.   Explore your dreams, remove your obstacles, and create an action plan to live the life you’ve always wanted. On your own terms. Imagine everything taken care of for you. Reboot, refresh, recharge and reconnect.  

At Elixir we believe there is power in taking a pause from your daily life


Envision having custom life changing experiences for you to decompress, reboot and discover the best version of yourself.

Imagine learning and implementing proven strategies, techniques and action steps with

your unique journey to create the life you’ve always wanted.

A life full of joy, fun, excitement and purpose; on your own terms!



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What people are saying about Elixir.


Elixir creates an environment where you can not only connect with the group, but connect with yourself. How to get rid of the nonsense and excuses so you can be happier, and when you are happier you can in turn be a better citizen of the world.

The Elixir Experience was mind-blowing, surprising, refreshing and liberating. I experienced how to confront my current choices and uncover what I really want. I connected to myself more, I want to go home and do great things and tell other people that they can do great things too. Now I am free and open to allow myself to feel joy and a childlike way of exploring curiosity and possibilities.
My life changed from the people that I met, the experiences that were shared, how they touched me, how my mind was opened to the opportunities and the power that is within me.